Google Chrome is Killing Adobe Flash Ads, How to Save Yours

HTML5 Kills Adobe Flash
As you may have heard, Google’s Chrome internet browser is scheduled to kill off Adobe Flash ads. In June in was reported that beginning on September 1st Chrome would intelligently pause any non-essential flash content such as banner ads. According to NetShare, Chrome accounts for 27% of desktop internet traffic as of July 2015. The move to limit flash in Chrome could be a major domino in a push for marketers to develop their creative materials in alternative ways such as HTML5.

Google’s public explanation is that flash can be a drain on batteries, which is true. This is a point that Apple co-founder famously made when explaining the decision to ban flash ads from Apple’s iOS operating system. Battery life may be the main reason for the move to kill flash, but, prevention of pop ups and auto-playing video display ads could also see a drastic reduction as those features no longer automatically launch in Chrome browsers. Instead, users will be forced to take and extra click action to initiate those advertisements.

So what exactly will happen to your Flash ads tomorrow?

Tommy Li, a senior engineer at Google explains, “When you’re on a Web page that runs Flash, we’ll intelligently pause content (like Flash animations) that aren’t central to the Web page, while keeping central content (like a video) playing without interruption.” Chrome is expected to grey out flash content and lay a ‘play’ icon over top in order to play the content. The extra click action to initiate marketing messages will result in drastically reduced interaction rates.

What to do with your existing Flash ads?

Do you have Adobe Flash ads running right now? Are you concerned about the effects of Google’s change on engagement rates with your ads? Don’t worry. Adobe Flash ads in Google AdWords can be easily converted to HTML5. Not running your ads through AdWords? Google has a solution for you as well. Enter Swiffy. Swiffy is a Google developer tool which will convert your existing .swf files to HTML5 on the spot. You can also use a web extension for Adobe Flash which can help publish your Flash Files as HTML5.

Former Obama Advisor to Keynote Louisville’s Digital Media Summit

Digital Media Summit

Speakers for 7th Annual Digital Media Summit

The Louisville Digital Association announced on their website that former senior advisory and digital media lead to President Obama, Dan Pfeiffer, will be the keynote speaker at this years 7th annual Digital Media Summit. Pfeiffer joined CNN this year after leading the White House’s digital and social media strategy. Previous to working with the White House, Dan worked with Joe Biden’s campaign for presidency.

Event details:

Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 | 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. | Muhammad Ali Center

Speakers will include:

• The Content Code and Return on Influence Author Mark Schaefer
• Digital analytics “ninja” and Marketing Over Coffee co-host Christopher Penn
• Social Strata CEO Rosemary O’Neill
Brainfluence author Roger Dooley
• Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 12 Communications Director Sara George
Follow the Geeks co-author and TechRepublic editor-in-chief Jason Hiner

Click here to learn more about the event.

Official Trailer for NEAT: The Story of Bourbon

Neat: The Story of Bourbon

Screenshot for the official trailer for Neat: The Story of Bourbon

On Monday, the first official trailer for NEAT: The Story of Bourbon was released. NEAT is a feature length documentary dedicated to Kentucky’s growing Bourbon industry. The last several decades have shown the more people than ever before how to slow down with Kentucky’s signature spirit. The documentary covers everything from the distilling process to the infamous heist of over 200 bottles of the ultra-premium Pappy Van Winkle. NEAT is set to release in 2016. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy a few fingers of your favorite and watch the trailer.


Second Guess Your Facebook Advertising

Facebook AdvertisingThese days, small businesses get overloaded with options for investing their precious marketing dollars. For many, it ends up boiling down to two options. Should you sink money into pay-per-click advertising or risk it all for the glitz and glamour of Facebook advertising? You should know, I take suggestions of Facebook advertising with a grain of salt. My opinion has always been focused around one key question.

Does growing your Facebook page measurably address your larger business goals?

By this point, you should have a clear picture of what in return for your advertising dollars to make this a successful campaign. Are you trying to drive conversions to your website or are you trying to increase your brand awareness? Do you have pictures of Facebook “like” buttons steering young and enthusiastic new customers to your website? If so, you should sit down for a moment. We have never seen any evidence that suggests a strong plan for increasing conversions from Facebook. Simply put, people on Facebook love scrolling down their timeline too much to stop and click-through to another website, regardless of how compelling you write a post.

So, that leaves those of you hoping to increase your brand awareness. If you have made it this far, you should sit down too. Raising brand awareness on Facebook IS a much stronger proposition, but still not foolproof. The following video from Veritasium does a great job of explaining the doubt you should raise about Facebook advertising. This video does go a bit too far into the “tin foil hat” area for my taste, but it’s general points hold true.

Follow these tips to make sure your marketing dollars are well spent:

• Take advantage of Facebook’s targeting options, especially location targeting. Not only will this focus your ads to your preferred buyers. It will also help block out “click farms” in foreign countries.
• Set a daily budget. Otherwise you are allowing Facebook full access you your total marketing buy. They may blow through it in a matter of hours.
• Run multiple short campaigns, not one long campaign. Between each short campaign review your metrics of success. For increasing brand awareness – is your Facebook page getting more clicks, comments, or shares?

Happy Birthday Louisville Basketball!

University of Louisville Basketball turns 100 this year! In honor of Cardinal basketball, the university has put out a fantastic series of videos highlighting each decade. Take a look at the history of Louisville Basketball from 1900s – 1040s below.

Basketball in the 1910s

Arizona Becomes a State, The Titanic Sinks, and Fenway Park Opens

Basketball in the 1920s

Hot Browns, King Tut, and Sliced Bread

Basketball in the

Twinkies, The Bell of Louisville, and The Empire State Building

Basketball in the 1940s

The Slinky, Bambi, and Mount Rushmore

3 AdSense Tips to Earn More Money

Website Problems
You put your blood sweat and tears into developing the perfect website.  You are generating content and seeing your page views increase.  Why aren’t you making any money?  The most significant influencers of your earning potential are traffic volume the CPM/CPC rates. These 3 easy tips will help you earn more money from your existing traffic.

Allow sensitive categories

AdSense allows you to turn ads on and off according to category.  Google separates these categories into “general categories” and “sensitive “categories”.  Sensitive categories include ads which some publishers may prefer to display on their website.  By default, AdSense creates your account with sensitive categories blocked.  Your “Allow & Block” section will include a tab that lets you review these categories of ads, and turn them on or off.    Carefully look through the list of categories.   Are there any blocked that you would prefer allowing if it increases your CPM rate and puts more cash in your wallet?

For my money, these categories are harmless enough:

  • Black Magic, Astrology & Esoteric
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Video Games
  • Gambling & Betting

While these categories aren’t worth the trouble:

  • Cosmetic Procedures & Body Modification
  • Dating
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Weight Loss

Fore more details on what shows in each category, click here.

Check back to this page in 30 days.  It will tell you what percentage of your overall impressions and earnings are now coming from these new selections.  The sensitive categories pay higher rates to make up for many advertisers blocking them.  The more you feel comfortable allowing, the better.  Those higher rates the sensitive advertisers pay you can also force your existing advertisers to pay higher rates to keep up.

Include styled AdSense text ads

AdSense Text Ad Style Settings

Many publishers make the mistake of not showing AdSense’s text ads on their website’s.  They think that text ads make their website appear sloppy and disorganized.  On the surface they would be correct.  By default, AdSense text ads look the same as Google Search results.  These publishers don’t realize AdSense does a fantastic job of allowing you to style the back ground, colors and font of your text ads, making them look like a seemly part of your website.

Google is you to allow them to place these ads on your site.  Higher targeting ability and lower adoption rate typically mean text ads will earn you more CPM than your display ads.  Opting into AdSense text ads also doubles the pool of advertisers battling for each impression, sending their bids higher and higher.

Go to the “Ad Units” tab in your Google AdSense account.  Under your Ad Unit name click “Edit Ad Type” and make sure you have chosen the radio button next to “text and display ads”.  If you are still worried about the look of text ads on your site visit the “Ad Styles” section.  Ad Styles will help you match the formatting of the ad to your website.

Use the most common IAB ad sizes available in AdSense

IAB Logo

The 3 most common IAB ad sizes available in Google AdSense are Medium Rectangle (300×250), Leaderboard (728×90), and Wide Skyscraper (160×600).  Advertisers are looking for these sizes most often, you want them on your website.  Look through your list of AdSense ad units.  Now, look through your websites most popular pages.  Are you maximizing the number of IAB Standard ad sizes on each page view?  Look for places where you can replace uncommon ad units with one of these 3 sizes will instantly increase your potential revenue opportunities.